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Sweetened Condensed milk powder

Powdery product with a taste of the sweetened condense milk.

Bread, Confectionery, Dessert, Beverage, Chocolate, etc.

Cheese Taste 80 NC

This cheese powder,80% of the raw material is natural cheddar cheese. Coloring agent free and it is superior in preservation stability.

Bread, Confectionery, Snack, processed foods, Soup.spices, etc.

Cheese Taste 80 NS

The cheese powder,80% of the raw material is natural cheese with low salt contents.

Bread, Confectionery, Snack, Various dishes, Soup, Spices, etc.

Sour Cream Powder

The powdery product with rich sour cream taste and fresh sour flavor.

Bread, Confectionery, Filling, Chocolate, etc.

Butter Powder(Used Fermented Butter)

A powder product made from fermented butter with a rich aroma of New Zealand.

Bread, Confectionery, soup, Beverage, Dessert.

Creamy Up Powder

A milk-rich powder product with mellow cream flavor.

Bread, Confectionery, soup, flavoring processed foods.

New Creamy Powder

This is powdered milk product mainly made from vegetables fat and cream and it has rich taste.

Bread, Confectionery, Pre-mixed products, Powdered seasoning, Various foods, etc.