This website assumes it is social responsibility to properly manage private information so as to protect the rights and interests of individuals.
We strive ceaselessly to protect privacy information by setting forth the privacy information policy below and disseminating it to employees and all interested parties.

1.Collection, usage and provision of private information

We have established a system to protect and manage private information, and we comply with internal regulations with regard to the proper collection, usage and dissemination of private information.

2.Safety measures for private information

We take all possible protective measures to prevent unauthorized access to private information, so as to safeguard against the loss, destruction, falsification or disclosure of private information. We are ready to take immediate corrective actions if a problem should occur.

3.Confirmation, correction and discontinuance of use of private information

If any individual mentioned in private information requests confirmation, correction or discontinuation of the use of the content of private information, we properly address the issue after investigation based on separately specified internal regulations.

4.Compliance with applicable statues and regulations with regard to private information

We comply with applicable statues and other regulations with regard to private information.

5.Education and continuous improvement

We provide thorough education and training to employees, and continuously revise and improve internal regulations in order to properly maintain the private information-protection system.